have you seen Pink, she's amazing!!!!

hoh hoh hoh

I'm in a funny mood tonight....can't stop laughing....what the fuck *lol*

don't worry, I wont bite, no I wont....don't be shy...just come in....

went to P!nk last Sunday...yeah, just now I'm ready to talk about this concert.....it was the fucking greatest concert experience I've ever made.... what an awesome voice....what an adorable stage performance and what an amazing audience.....

I was just.....fucking all over the place....

If there's any chance, to watch Pink live on stage.....do it !!!!!!

And now, I'll get meself ready, for the next experience....yeah, go on Tiger Woods, I'll fucking beat ya *as if*


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16.12.06 17:59

badlydrawnboy in concert last night

cheers old mates...

are ya feeling goood? yeah, that's fine by me then....

me and a few mates, went to "Badlydrawnboy" in the arena last night....

not me favourite location, kinda scary, dark and muggy as well.... but the music was much better than I've expected....this guy, who always wears one of those hats was quite great live and played us nearly two hours....

me mate took a few pictures, I'll put them on later the day... if you'd like to listen to some of his music, check out Badlydrawnboy

I'm off now for now..... see ya....


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4.12.06 15:16

thx for all those lovely b - day wishes

olla everybody!

I'd like to say thank you for all those sweet and lovely birthday wishes and birthday cards and birthday signatures and birthday wallpapers, you're amazing, thank you very much.....*luv them all*

sorry, there's not much time left, I'm off, dancing with me mates, need that tonight, shaking me ass to groovy dance sounds, chatting and hanging around, miss that....but hell, I know, I'm a worcoholic.....don't remind me, not now......as if *lmao*

cheers everybody,
have a nice satdeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!


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18.11.06 22:24

world of boredom

I'm tired but I cant sleep *that's how fucking crap that is*

*argh* hate it... it's the third night in a row.....

waving goodbye to me mates coz I'm tired, lying in bed, fully awake???!

are you playing tricks on me??? yeah you *shut uuuup*

maybe I should stay awake for 24 hours *thinking bout thinking*

*yawn* I'm off to bed......just in case if you're wondering....


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5.11.06 11:59

...chelsea vs barca tonight...

hell, I'm exited, barely can't wait to watch the match this evening.....

I hope everything is going really well for the lads today,crossed all me fingers.....

blessings to Petr, hope he's feeling a bit better today, I wish ya all the best, I'm sure you'll be on the green again soon.....

hmmmm I'd give all me Nirvana and Limp records, to see the lads live this evening, live at Stamford Bridge...a match like this.....

someday I'll be lucky enough, yeah..... I know!!!

have a great wednesday ladies and gents

xxx sandy

song for today

The Corrs ~ Forgiven is not forgotten (unplugged)
18.10.06 14:37

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