Happy Happy Happy.....

Happy Birthday Jonathan

I wish you all the best for your 28 Birthday Hun

enjoy it with your family and friends in Munich......and
see ya soooon for a big birthday hug



Song for today "The Killers ~ Smile like you mean it"
31.7.06 23:51

...it's coming home...

England is out.......

with fairness and respect.....

I'm off to me mates, chatting up, playing some uno, and stuff like that, the WM is over now.... at least for us.....



Song for today " Oasis" with "Stop crying your heart out"

thanks to us.news1.com for this picture
1.7.06 21:13

...cheers old mate...

All the best for ya Birthday Frankie

have an amazing day and a great footie match this evening....

I'm sure England will beat Sweden

I'm off again, to air me fucking mind......


Song for today "Morrissey" with "Suedehead"
20.6.06 19:15

...guess who's back...

with a brand new rap ( no sorry just kidding *looool*)

Eminem's words are always good to start a new blog entry

yeah, I guess I'm really lazy....moment, no guessing, I AM LAZY..... yeah I know it, and who cares?

I'm definitely not in the mood to write anything bout Soccer Aid, no no, it was just ace...(apart from all those screaming Robbie fans)and Old Trafford is amazing..absolutely nuffing to complain

bytheway.......... Jonny Wilkes was the man of the match, his goal was absolutely great, we're screaming our fucking souls out.....

oh and bytheway (again *lmao*)

Jonny is on tour with Rob, it's a shame I won't watch any of his concerts.....

yeah, I know it wasn't that much, but there's nuffing to write this time, I'm just tired from walking round and playing footie in the sun....

oh bytheway ( )

England won today......not one of their best matches but hey,eight final(I haven't got a clue if this is correct engelish) we're coming.....(watch out germaneee, we're kicking our fucking asses out as soon as possible)



Song for now "Suga Babes" with "I bet you look good on the dancefloor"

*written by the Arctic Monkeys*
15.6.06 22:19

...see ya on tuesday...

Hey yo everybody....

And now it's time, time to get me bags packed, time to move move move move move........

I'm off to Manchester till Monday, watsching some footie game for charity (don't forget to donate summfing here.... Unicef) meetin' up some mates, hangin' out in Pubs or summfing, yeah, having a great time!!!!

blesch ya Ladies and Gents


Song for now "Limp Bizkit ~ When it rains"

a great one, check out their brand new blog....

Limp Bizkit

seeeeeeeeee ya
24.5.06 16:23

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